Gate Code: XXXX


When arriving at The Field at Field – please pull up to the gate (the gate opens towards you so give yourself plenty of room) open the lock using the code, and press the button on the bottom of the lock to open.

Drive your car in and park up, close and lock the gate behind you before letting out your dog(s).

All booking slots are for 1 hour only, (55 minutes to use the field, 5 minutes to vacate) you must exit the field within this time so it is vacant for the following person to start on the hour. 

Please be aware there are muddy patches, Outdoor footwear is advisable.

Please note, we don’t have water at the field but please feel free to bring your own water and bowl.

Please remember to pick up your dog’s poo. A bin is provided to dispose of it.

As this is a new field, there are still areas that have just been reseeded so you may see patches of soil.

If you are not sure where we are, you can find all the information and directions you need here. 


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